Meet members of our first cohort of Level Up U
How to apply for level up u

Applications for Level Up U will be opening up later this year. You can find more details of the typical application process below.
All individuals who fit the below criteria are encouraged to apply:
Candidates who have a programming background, familiarity with C++, a willingness to grow and take on new challenges, and a passion for gaming.

Application Process:
If you are interested in Level Up U, please follow the below steps:
Submit your online application by the date defined within your initial email.
Take our required online assessment. Shortly after applying to Level Up U, you will receive a link via email inviting you to take our online assessment. This assessment is required and will evaluate your technical skills to help us better understand your aptitude and experience. 
Stay tuned for a decision from our recruiting team. We will aim to provide you with an offer decision 2-3 weeks after you complete the online assessment

Frequently asked questions

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