Ready to launch your career in making epic entertainment? You've come to the right place. As an intern at Activision, Blizzard, or King, you'll work alongside some of the industry’s best and most creative professionals. You'll be embedded into a team, providing you the hands-on experience you need to grow and learn. And, you’ll have fun doing it!

We have opportunities for undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. level students across our organization. Click on the logos above to learn more and explore our current student opportunities.

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Activision Blizzard's MBA programs are highly selective programs that provides participants with an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the success of the company through hands on challenging projects, work assignments, company events, and networking opportunities.
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The Rotational Program is a 2 year exclusive accelerated development program. Participants rotate every eight months, ultimately spending time on three different teams across Activision Blizzard, Activision Publishing, Blizzard Entertainment, and King Digital Entertainment.
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The scholarship program for Aspiring Women* in Games is a scholarship that will give you the opportunity to virtually attend the Game Developers Conference (GDC). It is open to *women and non-binary students pursuing a degree and considering a future in the games industry.

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Show off your talents to Blizzard's legendary game developers and win unique opportunities and prizes! The Annual World of Warcraft Student Art Contest is open October 15 - January 31. Check it out here to learn more about the past winners, different competitions, and prizes.

opportunities for undergraduate, masters and Ph.D. level students

Got any questions?

When are the programs and when do I apply?

  • Activision Internship Program: 12-week program starting in May/June. Applications open Sept. – Nov. (art internship applications extend into Feb.)
  • Blizzard Internship Program: 12-week program starting in May/June. Applications open Sept. – Nov. (art internship applications extend into Feb.)
  • King Internship Program: 8-week to 6-month program. Spring and summer applications open Oct. – Dec.  Fall applications open Mar. – Apr. 
  • King Business Performance Trainee Program: Three 6-month rotations over an 18-month program starting in Sept. Applications open Oct. - Dec. 
  • MBA Internship Program: 10-week program starting in June. Applications open Oct. – Feb.
  • MBA Graduate Rotational Program: Three 8-month rotations over a 2-year program starting in Sept. Applications open Sept. – Jan.

Do I have to be a gamer?

  • No! To deliver epic entertainment experiences, we must bring the most visionary creative talent and the most capable business talent together. We believe that independence and the freedom to approach things differently are the keys to making groundbreaking entertainment. You don’t need to be a gamer, just passionate about what you do and ambitious to achieve it.

Where are the internships located?

  • Activision: Albany, NY; Boulder, CO; Carlsbad, CA; Foster City, CA; Madison, WI; Navto, CA; Playa Vista, CA; Portland, ME; Redmond, WA; Santa Monica, CA; Sherman Oaks, CA; Vancouver, BC; Woodland Hills, CA
  • Blizzard: Irvine, CA; Austin, TX
  • King: Barcelona, Spain; Stockholm, Sweden; London, UK; Berlin, Germany; Malmö, Sweden; Malta; San Francisco, US
    *remote opportunities available for some locations

Can I apply to multiple roles?

  • Not only is this allowed, it is strongly recommended. Feel free to apply to each role that sparks your interest, and apply to roles across each company (Activision, Blizzard, and King). Increase your chances by tailoring your application for each position you apply to. 

I’ve applied for a role, now what?

  • Whoop whoop! Thanks for applying! Hang tight for a few weeks as we’ll be carefully reviewing applications. A recruiter will reach out to you if there is a fit.